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Teach your kids to be Eco Friendly with TruEarth Products!

It’s Important to teach our children how to be good to the Earth. The laundry soap made by @truearthmovement helps make life easier, less messy, and it delivers a lesson to our kids. Not only did I want to teach my daughter which laundry soap she should use and why, but I wanted to show her another reason to be thankful. Not everyone has a laundry room at home. Some people have to go to the laundry mat. She was actually pretty excited to go to the laundry mat because she’s never been to one. We are blessed to have our own machines. Thank you to the staff at 45850 Yale Road #chilliwackbc for letting us take pictures in your business.

Guess what friends! @truearthmovement even has #bamboo #makeupremoverpads now!

They are so soft and convenient!

Thank you @truearthmovement for all that you do!

Use code Nancy10 and click

if you want to join this #earthmovement !

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