About Me               

I'm a full time mom and influencer, and part time photographer. Every day of the week I'm taking care of my kids with out daycare or babysitters. My daughter is 7 and my son just turned 5! I'm super excited for him to begin school this Fall! As an influencer I post Monday to Friday on Instagram, and Facebook, and then I update my other social media when I get around to it. Instagram has been my main focus as it is an amazing platform with many people on it and so many opportunities!   If you're unfamiliar with the term "Influencer" that is someone who connects online shoppers with brands and brands to customers.

I have grown my Instagram community aka following to 11.7 K and I really pride myself in connecting with them. I value having their trust with my honesty.  My posting schedule that I've been using a while now looks like this:

Monday #fancynancyhealthyliving

Tuesday #fancynancybeauty

Wednesday #fancynancylifestyle

Thursday #fancynancytourism

Friday #fancynancyfashions

I also host Giveaways #fancynancygiveaways

and I have 2 other hashtags I use for my content creation: 



I have not created separate accounts for my children

so you can find content of theirs at the following hashtags:




As a photographer most of my experience is in photographing people, products and real estate listings. 

I tend to shoot a lot of headshots, and I enjoy graduation shoots, maternity shoots, boudoir, and model

portfolios. I don't like to limit the variety though so take a look at my gallery and my investment page to see what else I cover! I recently decided to start offering pet portraits as well! I will get pictures up of that soon!

If your on Instagram come follow me there and connect with me. That's where I am daily! Not on Instagram? Come follow along on Facebook! See the top of the page for icons to take you to my social media sites. 




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