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About Me               

I'm a mom, an influencer, a photographer, and a psychic medium.  Summer 2021 I started reading Tarot Cards after receiving a numerology reading in the Spring. I also read oracle cards, and lenormand cards. 

 I enjoy meditating, journaling, yoga and learning. I've been using "The Law Of Attraction" for over a decade now and I journal gratitude every single day. I want to guide and mentor other people and help in any way that I can. October 2021 I started taking intuitive classes at Wellington Natural Health taught by Mediums. I fell in love with Tyler Henry's show "Life After Death" and then his other show "Hollywood Medium". I've also read his 2 books. I've been studying Mediumship via in person workshops, online workshops, books, YouTube, and practicing in a circle. I've done over 23 Medium readings and I have noticed the growth in my abilities. In Spring of 2022 I lost my sister to suicide and had a Medium reading. It was there in that moment that I realized how healing readings are and I knew I had to become that source of healing for others. 

Me Jan 2023
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