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About Me               

Hi, I'm Fancy Nancy, I'm a mom to two neurodivergent children, an influencer, a photographer, and a psychic medium.  I'm passionate about health & wellness and personal growth. I study all things metaphysical and mental health.        I enjoy meditating, journaling, yoga, being mindful in nature, connecting with spiritual friends, and learning. I love mentoring and guiding others into being their best self, and I love creating content. I post Fashion, Clean Beauty, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Local Tourism, and anything Witchy. I'm on Instagram the most @nancyjbeaulieu , but I also post and connect on Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Lately I've been mostly an Influencer and Psychic Medium but I still do Photography as well. I shoot Product shots all the time so I'm never not with a camera or phone in hand! If your looking for photography take a look at my galleries and shoot me a message if interested. If your looking for an influencer let's talk over email (Contact page) or Instagram. And lastly if your looking for a tarot or oracle or medium reading, message me from the contact page or my Facebook page. (See Medium page of website) I look forward to connecting with you in person or virtually! Have a great day!

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