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A Chilliwack Medium & Hypnotherapist I have much respect for!

For anyone that would like to view the Medium reading I had after my sister’s passing here it is.

I did edit the 120 minute reading into 16 minutes. Much of it was too personal to share and also there are many pauses due to waiting for spirit to respond.

I feel like this video explains why my sister took her life. This session was very healing for me,

and it inspired me to step further into Mediumship myself.

If your looking for a Medium reading is a more experienced Medium then myself.

She is also a hypnotherapist and has a lot of life experience behind her. I felt that my hypnotherapy

session with her did a lot for me. Laura is a friend of mine and I already had plans to promote her services before my sister passed away. Kinda beautiful how the universe lined that up for me.

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