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Canadian friends… have you tried @a.vogel_canada ?

I'm not out in nature as often, so I like to bring the gifts that nature is responsible for into my house. What keeps my frequency high is surrounding myself with crystals and diffusing oils daily! I crave serenity and I am so thankful I tried another essential oil brand that’s able to provide me with the calmness and peace I so desire. Let me introduce you to @aromaforce_ca essential oil’s from @a.vogel_canada

If you select an organic essential oil from this brand this is what you can expect:

100% pure and natural.



No solvents used.

Each batch is laboratory tested for purity, quality and principle constituents concentration.

Canadian product 🇨🇦.

How to use:

Diffuse: 1-6 drops into a diffuser.

Apply: 2-5 drops to 5ml of a carrier oil.

Inhale: 1-6 drops to an inhaler stick, a handkerchief, or tissue & inhale occasionally up to 3 times per day.

Cleaning: in a spray bottle mix half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water and add 12 to 24 drops of essential oil.

Do take advantage of my code Nancy20

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