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Lashes you'll love that are easy to apply!

Ladies nearly every time you head out the door you’ve got your face mask on right?

Your lip shade no longer matters now does it? With most of our face under a mask,

it’s time to make a lasting impression with your eyes!

I got the opportunity to try lashes by @thisisshe.official and I’ll tell you why you should choose @thisisshe.official ... they are #3dfauxminklashes that are #crueltyfree #vegan

and they’re #premiumquality #beautyproducts .You can use your own lash glue or their #smartliner which comes in either black or clear! The liner works with any non-magnetic lashes as well. I used the smartliner and chose friendzoner lashes. They are #easytoapply and they stay on!

You can buy them from and choose from many different styles. Their prices are totally reasonable and their lashes are reusable! They're offering free delivery for the month of December.

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